Veeda Holi Hydration was inspired by the the personal health journey of the Founder, Jose “Jaq” Quezada. As a youth athlete growing up in a low income / single-parent household, Jaq became aware of his intolerance for processed foods and sugars thanks to the help of his great uncle.

A discovery that led his great uncle to monitor and help Jaq adopt a healthier diet comprising fruits and veggie salads which eventually led to Juicing Cucumbers.

20+ years later, the homemade drink that led the improvement in Jaq's health and well being is now packaged and available as Veeda Holi Hydration™.



To redefine plant-based hydration for humanity with naturally refreshing and health supporting Cucumber-based Wellness Hydration solutions as a 100% eco-friendly and sustainable company.   


Veeda holi hydration is a solutions and purpose driven Organic Cucumber plant-based beverage brand focused on producing, marketing, and distributing vegan Wellness Hydration Solutions for humanity.

We the pioneering producer, marketer, and distributer of vegan, low sugar, low carb, and gluten-free plan-based water beverages made using Organic Cucumbers.

Veeda beverages are naturally designed to hydrate, cool, nourish, and support health with over 13 health benefits. Each 12 fl oz bottle of offers less carbs, and calories than an 8 fl oz bottle of coconut juice. 

Veeda beverages are designed in USA and made in Mexico, we partner with Smallholder Greenhouse Farm supplying partners to source Organic Cucumbers that ensure our customers the most consistency premium quality product. 

The beverages are Cold-Pressed to maintain nutrients and HPPing (High-Pressure Pasteurized) to treat and avoid pathogens from developing. Veeda products DO NOT CONTAIN additives, water, GMO's, chemicals nor any heated pasteurization process.